GOLDLINE offers less formal clothing, from business style through to the higher range of formal apparel.

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As far as the creation of outfits is concerned, a lady chosing a PLEZURO costume has an option to complete it with accessories with French artifice.

The motif on the shoes matches the handbag and leather belt. Jewels, gilded by 24-carat gold are matched to the handbag decorations. It is only up to the lady herself if she prefers a more expressive model, dominated by a beautiful motif or will remain moderate with the simple colours beautifully in tone. And what about gentlemen? In the perfectly sewn suits, you will find discreetly placed references to the main motif of the collection, whereby they will stand out with their lady in any society.

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All the models are combined in a unified harmony, enabling our ladies and gentlemen to embrace PLEZURO as their own philosophy and wear the products of this collection during their everyday activities.